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5. Manage Your Account. 5. Sprint Support Services. 6. Phone Basics. 7 . o Go to and complete the online instructions to activate your. View and Download Google Nexus 5 user manual online. Nexus 5 Cell Phone pdf manual download. There is 1 user manuals matching that search term. This manual applies to the following product codes: KHNEXUSGBRED. LG Google Nexus 5 D

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Nexus 5 User Manual Pdf

Download the User Manual and Getting Started Guide at the bottom of this page. You need to have Nexus5_QSG_USG_EN_Print_V_pdf K. Manual - LG Nexus 5 - Android - Device Guides. User manual for LG Nexus 5. ENGLISH To turn on, press and hold the button for a few seconds. NFC. Go. Learn how to download manual for Nexus 5 in order to learn below and download the PDF manual from your phone's wireless carrier.

The - MHz band is restricted to indoor use only. NFC For online help and support, visit support. Guidelines for safe and ecient use Please read these simple guidelines. Not following these guidelines may be dangerous or illegal. Should a fault occur, a software tool is built into your device that will gather a fault log. This tool gathers only data specic to the fault, such as signal strength, cell ID position in sudden call drop and applications loaded. The log is used only to help determine the cause of the fault. These logs are encrypted and can only be accessed by an authorized LG Repair centre should you need to return your device for repair. This mobile phone model LG-D has been designed to comply with applicable safety requirements for exposure to radio waves. These requirements are based on scientic guidelines that include safety margins designed to assure the safety of all persons, regardless of age and health. Tests for SAR are conducted using standardised methods with the phone transmitting at its highest certied power level in all used frequency bands. While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various LG phone models, they are all designed to meet the relevant guidelines for exposure to radio waves. The highest SAR value for this model phone tested for use at the ear is 0.

In order to transmit data les or messages, this device requires a quality connection to the network. In some cases, transmission of data les or messages may be delayed until such a connection is available.

Ensure the above separation distance instructions are followed until the transmission is completed. The use of any other types may invalidate any approval or warranty applying to the phone and may be dangerous.

Do not disassemble this unit. Take it to a qualied service technician when repair work is required. Repairs under warranty, at LGs discretion, may include replacement parts or boards that are either new or reconditioned, provided that they have functionality equal to that of the parts being replaced.

Keep away from electrical appliances such as TVs, radios and personal computers. The unit should be kept away from heat sources such as radiators or cookers. Do not drop. Do not subject this unit to mechanical vibration or shock. Switch off the phone in any area where you are required to by special regulations. For example, do not use your phone in hospitals as it may affect sensitive medical equipment. Do not handle the phone with wet hands while it is being charged.

It may cause an electric shock and can seriously damage your phone. Use a dry cloth to clean the exterior of the unit do not use solvents such as benzene, thinner or alcohol. Do not charge the phone when it is on soft furnishings. The phone should be charged in a well ventilated area.

Do not subject this unit to excessive smoke or dust. Do not keep the phone next to credit cards or transport tickets; it can affect the information on the magnetic strips. Do not tap the screen with a sharp object as it may damage the phone. Do not expose the phone to liquid or moisture.

Use accessories like earphones cautiously. Do not touch the antenna unnecessarily. Do not use, touch or attempt to remove or x broken, chipped or cracked glass. Damage to the glass display due to abuse or misuse is not covered under the warranty. Your phone is an electronic device that generates heat during normal operation.

Extremely prolonged, direct skin contact in the absence of adequate ventilation may result in discomfort or minor burns. Therefore, use care when handling your phone during or immediately after operation. Do not use your mobile phone near medical equipment without requesting permission.

Avoid placing the phone over pacemakers, for example, in your breast pocket. Some hearing aids might be disturbed by mobile phones. Minor interference may affect TVs, radios, PCs etc. Use your phone in temperatures between 0C and 40C, if possible. Exposing your phone to extremely low or high temperatures may result in damage, malfunction, or even explosion. Road safety Check the laws and regulations on the use of mobile phones in the area when you drive. Do not use a hand-held phone while driving.

Give full attention to driving. Pull off the road and park before making or answering a call if driving conditions so require.


RF energy may affect some electronic systems in your vehicle such as car stereos and safety equipment. NEXUS 5 7 When your vehicle is equipped with an air bag, do not obstruct with installed or portable wireless equipment. It can cause the air bag to fail or cause serious injury due to improper performance.

If you are listening to music whilst out and about, please ensure that the volume is at a reasonable level so that you are aware of your surroundings. This is of particular importance when near roads. Avoid damage to your hearing To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods. Damage to your hearing can occur if you are exposed to loud sound for long periods of time.

We therefore recommend that you do not turn on or off the handset close to your ear. We also recommend that music and call volumes are set to a reasonable level. When using headphones, turn the volume down if you cannot hear the people speaking near you, or if the person sitting next to you can hear what you are listening to.

NOTE: Excessive sound pressure from earphones and headphones can cause hearing loss. Page 2: Table Of Contents Status Bar Page 3 Accounts and Messaging Page 4 Apps and Entertainment Page 5 LTE Page 6 Tools and Calendar Page 7 Update Your Phone Page 8 Owner Information Page 9 Google Hindi Input Page Get Started Get Started Your phone is packed with features that simplify your life and expand your ability to stay connected to the people and information that are important to you.

The following topics will introduce the basic functions and features of your phone. The charge time varies depending upon the battery level. Make Your First Call Note: You do not need to sign up for a Google Account to use your phone. However, to download apps from the Google Play Store app, you must link your phone to a Google Account.

Set Up Voicemail 1. Use the dialpad to enter a phone number. Touch to dial the number. Your phone's battery should have enough charge for your phone to turn on and find a signal, set up your voicemail, and make a call.

Phone Basics Phone Basics Your phone is packed with features that simplify your life and expand your ability to stay connected to the people and information that are important to you. Press and hold to open the recently-used applications window.

D820 Support

Page 17 Touch When you want to type using the onscreen keyboard, select items onscreen such as application and settings icons, or press onscreen buttons, simply touch them with your finger. Touch and Hold To open the available options for an item for example, a contact or link in a Web page , touch and hold the item. Page 18 Swipe or Slide To swipe or slide means to quickly drag your finger vertically or horizontally across the screen.

Drag To drag, press and hold your finger with some pressure before you start to move your finger. While dragging, do not release your finger until you have reached the target position. Flick Flicking the screen is similar to swiping, except that you need to swipe your finger in light, quick strokes. Page 19 Rotate For most screens, you can automatically change the screen orientation from portrait to landscape by turning the phone sideways. When entering text, you can turn the phone sideways to bring up a bigger keyboard.

See Enter Text for more details. The Auto-rotate check box needs to be selected for the screen orientation to automatically change. You can customize your home screen by adding application icons, shortcuts, folders, widgets, and more. Phone Basics Swipe the screen left or right to display additional screens. The small circles above the primary shortcuts let you know your current screen position.

Extended Home Screens To add a Home screen, swipe to the rightmost screen and drag an app or widget to the right edge. Status Bar The status bar at the top of the home screen provides phone and service status information on the right side and notification alerts on the left.

Google Keyboard Google Keyboard. When you lift your finger after the last letter of a word, a space is automatically added. From a screen where you can enter text, drag down from the top of the screen to open the Notifications Panel, and then tap Google Voice Typing. Make Phone Calls There are several convenient ways to place calls from your phone.

Call From History Call from History The History list lets you quickly place calls to recent incoming, outgoing, or missed numbers. Touch to display History. Touch an entry to display the call details. Page 28 Note: If your phone is turned off, all calls automatically go to voicemail. Phone Calls The call will be sent directly to voicemail. Reject a Call and Send a Text Message You can reject an incoming call and automatically send a text message to the caller.

Voicemail Setup You should set up your voicemail and personal greeting as soon as your phone is activated. Retrieve Your Voicemail Messages Retrieve Your Voicemail Messages You can review your messages directly from your wireless phone using either traditional voicemail or Visual Voicemail or from any other touch-tone phone. Touch and hold. Touch an option to select it. End the current call.

Google Nexus 5 User Manual/Guide

Use the onscreen dialpad to enter additional numbers, for example, an extension or access code. If you do not want your number displayed when you make a call, follow these steps. Call Forwarding 3. Your conference call is now in session. If one of the people you called hangs up during your call, you and the remaining caller stay connected.

LG Nexus 5

If you initiated the call and are the first to hang up, all callers are disconnected. Call Settings 1. Touch to display the call log. Touch OK to clear the log.

Page 36 Your phone is compatible with select TTY devices. Please check with the manufacturer of your TTY device to ensure that it supports digital wireless transmission.

If this cable was not provided with your TTY device, contact your TTY device manufacturer to download the connector cable. When you first turn on your device and sign into a Google Account, any existing contacts from that account are synced with your People app. Contact entries are sorted alphabetically. Touch and hold the People icon, drag the icon to the home screen, and release the icon to place it.

Your Contacts List Learn how to view and navigate through your contacts list. Save A Phone Number Note: To add more phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

When you have finished adding information, touch DONE. Save a Phone Number You can save a phone number to Contacts directly from the phone dialpad. Delete A Contact 2. Touch the Add picture icon. Touch Picture and select a location.

Address the message, add a subject and a message, and then touch Send. See Send a Gmail Message details. Accounts And Messaging Google Account. Create a Google Account If you do not already have a Google Account, you can create one online or using your phone. When setting up a new Google Account, either on your phone or online, you will be prompted to add a secondary email address. Enter a second Gmail address or any other email address from which you currently send and receive email. Touch the box before the email or conversation.

Email 1. Touch a message to display it. You can also access new messages through the Notifications bar. Touch and hold the bar and slide it down to display notifications. Add An Exchange Activesync Account 1. Enter the Email address and Password for the email account and then touch Next.

View And Reply To Email 1. On the email account inbox, touch Compose Tip: Touch the account name at the top of the screen to switch to a different email account. If you are sending the email message to several recipients, separate the email addresses with a comma.

After composing your message, touch Send Manage Your Email Inbox Your email inbox provides management options for viewing, sorting, and deleting your email messages.

View Your Email Inbox 1. Text Messaging 2. Touch and hold the Email widget and drag it to an empty space on a home page. Text Messaging With Text Messaging SMS , you can send and receive instant text messages between your wireless phone and another messaging-ready phone. The Hangouts application lets you send and receive instant messages and video calls, including SMS messages.

Touch the new message to open and read it. Apps And Entertainment Note: Available applications and services are subject to change at any time. Choose from a wide variety of free and paid content ranging from productivity apps and games to bestselling books and blockbuster movies and music. Open An Installed App 4.

When prompted, touch OK to remove the app from your phone. Get Help with Google Play The Google Play store app offers an online help option if you have questions or want to know more about the app. Choose from thousands of movies and TV shows, including new releases and HD titles, and stream them on your Android phone. The site is used to display a wide variety of user-generated video content, including movie clips, TV clips, and music videos, as well as video content such as video blogging, informational shorts and other original videos.

Additional data-related features can be found in Accounts and Messaging, Touch the wireless network that the phone is currently connected to. You will see a message box showing the Wi-Fi network name, status, speed, signal strength, and other details. Certain data services requests may require additional time to process. While your phone is loading the requested service, the touchscreen or QWERTY keyboard may appear unresponsive when in fact they are functioning properly.

Data Connection Status And Indicators Update Your User Name If you choose to change your user name and select a new one online, or make any changes to your services, you must then update the profile on your phone.

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